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Artisanal Gourmet Dining Experience

About Us

The Gyu Bar is a contemporary Yakiniku dining and bar concept that specializes in premium Wa-Oh Japanese beef from Kumamoto. Set in a modern setting reminiscent of old world elegance, the 35 seater restaurant is the perfect backdrop to create unforgettable conversations and memories for gourmet food lovers and tipple aficionados alike.

The Gyu Bar also diversifies its menu with other quality sourced meats and seafood, organic rice and condiments from specialists farmers and award winning suppliers.

In the spirit of ‘Omotenashi’, The Gyu Bar offers guests a first glass of sake on the house. Each guest is invited to choose their own sake glass from the sake glass feature wall – the owners’ personal collection of over 150 glasses collected from their travels over time.

Our Beef


The Gyu Bar specializes in Wa-Oh beef from the Kumamoto prefecture. This cream of the crop Kuroge breed has been raised in a stress free environment with pristine air quality, naturally purified water carved by the volcanos in Mount Aso. Each cattle has been fed with a custom-blended diet of vegetables


The unique clean environment in Kumamoto and the farmers’ breeding techniques make for cuts that are balanced in marbling and meatiness, silky on the palate and which are nuanced in flavors depending on the various cuts of meats served.


The Gyu Bar purchases its cattle whole to allow for the availability of a good variety of different rare cuts such as the chateaubriand or misuji. The beef is air flown from Japan regularly, the meat is chilled and not frozen to ensure optimum flavors and textures of the meats are never compromised.


The Gyu Bar Platter

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