Since 2018, The Gyu Bar has been a favoured destination of beef lovers seeking a top-level wagyu experience. Co-founded by Chef Tomoo Kimura of the eponymous one-Michelin-starred sushi-ya, the 35-seat contemporary dining bar on Stevens Road specializes in premium wagyu from Japan. 

Through a variety of cooking techniques including yakiniku, sukiyaki and shabu shabu,, each wagyu’s signature flavour profile is elevated for its greatest enjoyment. To compliment the extensive beef menu, The Gyu Bar also offers a wide variety of other premium meats and seafood from specialists farmers and award winning suppliers, available a la carte or as part of the restaurant’s signature 9-course omakases.

The interior of the restaurant is a study in modern comfort and style. Clean lines and sleek wood finishes are combined with a restrained palette of indigo blue and ash grey. Seating at the dining bar, or on modular sofas, offers choice and flexibility. Full-height windows fill the open-plan space with natural light in the day. At night, track lights, pendant lamps and city lights through the windows create an atmosphere of relaxation. 

Service is deeply rooted in omotenashi – a cornerstone of Japanese hospitality. Guests arriving for dinner are invited to choose their preferred sake glass from the owners’ prized 150-piece personal collection; and the first drink is on the house.


The restaurant uses only premium wagyu beef sourced from Japan, and wagyu tongue from Australia. Among the notable brands is Sanuki Olive from Kagawa Prefecture. Highly prized and one of the rarest beef in the world with a herd of only 1,700, it boasts fine, beautiful marbling and rich umami – the result of incorporating pressed olives in the cattle feed. Ohmi from Shiga Prefecture is the oldest wagyu brand in Japan with a history of more than 400 years; it is well marbled and soft, with mellow aroma. 


Miyazakigyu from Miyazaki Prefecture’s renown lies in its signature snowflake-like marbling and extraordinary depth of flavour and tenderness. Wa Oh from Kumamoto Prefecture is derived from the only free-grazing cattle in Japan. It possesses higher monosaturated fat than any other breed, is intensely marbled with high-quality fat, and offers savoury, creamy flavours with buttery tenderness. First-place winner in the Wagyu Olympics 2017, Satsuma from Kagoshima Prefecture 2017 is extremely tender with well-balanced marbling and intense buttery flavour. 


Tankaku from Iwate Prefecture’s free-range herd yields meat that is lean, tender, and full of flavour. Being low in calories and rich in protein makes this brand healthier compared to other wagyu. Furano from Hokkaido Prefecture feeds its cattle a special diet that includes wheat, hay, rice straw, wheat straw, okara (unique to the Furano diet), and beet pulp, all free of additives. This results in beef that is well-marbled with concentrated umami and sweetness.